Social Innovation

Social Innovation is defined as the practice of using creativity to develop solutions which improve the wellbeing of people and society.  Social entrepreneurship combines social innovation and economic sustainability by creating income earning opportunities while generating value for society. We aim to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholder including employees, communities, partners and funders. 




Recycle IT is a social enterprise operating under the Community Services Programme (CSP)  The programme provides grant support to deliver services and create employment for people from disadvantaged groups. It is funded by the Department of Social Protection and managed by Pobal and we are one of 425 social enterprises operating with support from the programme in Ireland. 
We manage sustainability by working in partnership with a range of stakeholders, remaining cost effective and offering an affordable and reliable electronic recycling services. As a not for profit organisation we work to deliver environmentally friendly recycling solutions and real employment opportunities.


Our mission is to provide a community based professional electronic waste management service and create sustainable employment opportunities.


Organisational Values

  • Access to electronic and battery recycling for everybody.
  • Create trust and honesty across all our operations.
  • Engage respectfully with customers, volunteers, staff, management and partner organisations.
  • Offer opportunities for lifelong learning regardless of background, origin, education or personal history.
  • Ensure an inclusive work place where discrimination of any kind is not accepted.
  • Deliver a flat organisational structure where debate is encourage and inclusive decision making is practiced.
  • Offer a fair pricing to all customers which will support the sustainability of our organisation.

    For more information on our social enterprise activates please email or call us.