Networking Recycling

Many types of electronic items used in offices are removed from usage, boxed up and stored away in locked offices or basement stores. Out of sight, out of mind! Often telecommunications equipment and networking devices are deemed obsolete when a business grows, moves or upgrades. Instead of storing or throwing away old network hardware it can and should be safely recycled.





Networking hardware like other computer related equipment is considered e-waste and often contains toxins that can cause health concerns and environmental harm when not treated correctly. This means networking devices cannot be disposed of with the regular office waste.

At Recycle IT, we can collect, break down and save many components for reuse and/or safe recycling. Depending on the equipment type some may have storage devices included. If so, hard drive storage can be physical destroyed on requested.

Recycle IT recycle all types of office telecommunications and networking equipment including phones, phones systems, wireless access points (WAPs), networking switches, security hardware, routers, hubs, firewalls, racks, and cabling.

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