Metal Recycling

Annually, metal recycling transforms millions of tons of old materials from homes, businesses, schools and charities into reusable raw materials. Each day, Recycle IT collect and separate metal as part of our recycling activities. This service helps individual and organisations to recycle safely and know items collected will be processed for reuse.




Steel is the most recycled metal material worldwide and can be recovered from household appliances, offices equipment, furniture, cabinets, garden equipment, toys and many other sources.  Other metals include aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin and zinc all of which can be recycled.

Recycle IT are licensed to accept all old metal items for recycling through our collection and drop off services.  If you have old bikes, radiators, catering equipment, metal sinks, shelves, lockers, office cabinets, metal desks, warehouse or server racking or tons of old screws we can help you recycle all. 

To learn more about our recycling service or book a collection or drop off just get in touch here.

Income generated from recycling is reinvested in our not for profit social enterprise to support training, employment and community development initiatives.