Community Collection Service

Our aim is to ensure electronic recycling is easy, free or affordable for householders, business customers and community organisations depending on need. We offer convenient and safe recycling solutions for old, damaged or unused electrical, electronic or pure metal items, all at the same time.




Recycle IT collect all types of home and business equipment. We work daily to contact over 90,000 individual addresses each year in the hope of making householders and organisations aware of our valuable e-waste collection and drop off services.


Our prescheduled community recycling collections are provided FREE of charge to householders in South Dublin, Dublin City and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown.


·  Collections from neighbourhoods or resident committees are FREE.
·  Collections from charities and community organisations are FREE.
·  Collections from schools and colleges are FREE.
·  Assistance with the removal of heavy items is FREE.
·  Household drop-off services are FREE.


Fee Service
Fees are applicable for one-off collections of WEEE. Fees are used to offset costs such as fuel, tolls and vehicle maintenance. Using this model we can offer a personal service direct to your home, business or organisation.

Collection charges start at €25.00.

If you have questions, want to find out more or need assistance with recycling your waste electrical and electronics equipment (WEEE) please call us today.