Recycle IT is a not for profit, social enterprise which creates sustainable local training and employment through electrical, electronic, and metal recycling for reuse.

Recycle IT started as Clondalkin Community Recycling Initiative in 2002 with a collection service added in 2007. Each year we offer recycling drop off and collection services to thousands of homes and organisations across Dublin and surrounding areas. Income generated by collection and breakdown of e-waste is reinvested in training and employment and encourages environment awareness.




Our services are provided in partnership with WEEE Ireland and with the cooperation of South Dublin County Council and the National Waste Collection Permit Office.

Recycle IT endeavour to support people living and working in communities including householders and place an emphasis on individual needs. Our collection teams are experienced and happy to support people requiring additional assistance once safe to do so. Today our team help recycle electronic, electrical, and pure metal equipment from homes and organisations.

Recycle IT support the idea of less resource use, heighten levels of waste prevention and circular economy improvements which can benefit communities.

Recycle IT Mission

Create sustainable local employment through a community based, professional circular economy service.

Recycle IT Vision

Become an environmental hub creating sustainable employment.

Recycle IT Day to Day

  • Provide access to waste manage services.
  • Committed to environmentally beneficial actions.
  • Practice trust and honesty across our operations.
  • Engage respectfully with people of all ages.
  • Listen to staff, customers, volunteers, management & partners.
  • Offer learning opportunities regardless of background, origin, education, or personal history.
  • Ensure an inclusive workplace where discrimination is not accepted.
  • Encourage debate, and inclusive decision making.
  • Offer a fair price to customers.

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

    The primary responsibility for achieving the SDGs lies with governments, but governments will not be able to make the changed required without the help of organisations including social enterprise organisations.

    Social enterprise companies, like all other organisations have positive and negative impacts on the sustainable development goals; but by staying mindful and designing organisational goals inclusively of the development goals, we can positively contribute to environmental, economic, and social issues and quality living for all.



    Recycle IT take a particular interest in supporting global sustainability Goals 8 and 12. Recycle IT work to promote inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full, productive employment, and decent work for all while also reducing waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse.

    The aim of these actions is to encourage change in disadvantaged communities where change is not always a priority. Recycle IT offer training opportunities leading to real jobs for people distanced from the labour. We pay the living wage or higher to support social and economic wellbeing in families.

    Our team collaborates with communities cross Dublin. We share information, help reduce waste, and ensure the items we receive can be recycled for reuse through authorised supply chains.

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    For more information on our collections or to request additional help please call us on 01 4578321.