Servers and Metal Rack Recycling

Is your organisation growing? Are you installing new computers, server and racking? What are you doing with your old equipment? Would you like to see your old equipment support local employment opportunities? If so Recycle IT can help!

Recycle IT can remove and recycle all your old IT equipment. We can help you declutter with our safe and cost-effective removal, collection and recycling service.



With help from our team, your team can remain focused on their daily workload which keeps IT systems operational which saves you time and money.  Our team with guidance can remove and transport all old or unused IT equipment including metal racking units.

Our recovery technician will break down and ensure all equipment is recycled with many components recovered for reuse. IT equipment accepted include servers, cables, networking equipment, UPS devices, metal racking, monitors, graphic cards, keyboards, mice and communication equipment. If required we can physically destroy Hard Disk Drives.

Recycle IT is an award winning, not for profit, social enterprise licensed and authorized to recycle all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Our team has over 15 years’ experience working with customers across all sectors of the economy so please do contact us today about your next IT project.

Click here to email us or call our team on 01 4578321.

Note: Please make sure to remove all personal information from computer hard drives and other storage devices before recycling. Recycle IT can assist in destroying hard disk drives if required.